Our Media Kit

Table below summarizes our media offering.

Every Ad Format has its own advantage(s). You will surely find the one that suits best to your needs.

Ad Format
Cost Metrics
In-line Text Links

from $0.10

Inline text links are ads that appear as a brief text description in a box with a clear call-to-action. These ads only appear when the mouse pointer hovers over certain words that are relevant to the webpage’s content. The sole purpose of inline text links is to create user curiosity based on a detailed description and a link to partner sites.

Inline text links are great when you want to save space on your webpage; they are similar to newspaper headlines that raise interest on a distinctive topic. With the possibility of frequent format changes, spendings on the creation of graphical ad formats are unnecessary; thus, text links provide a pure and effective technique to advertise across the internet.

Text Banners

from $0.10

Text-based ads typically consist of one or two lines of text and a link. Users seem more likely to click on text ads when they appear within content, rather than at the top of a page in a banner-sized box. Plus, with text ads, an advertiser’s message will always be displayed directly on a webpage.

As the workhorse of web advertising, text ads come in various shapes and sizes, including leaderboards, skyscrapers and other industry-standard sizes. Text ads are loaded more quickly, hence allowing you to present your message to your viewers more effectively.

Graphical Banners

from $0.10

It is at the advertiser’s discretion to present anything eye-catching enough in order to draw visitors’ attention, including logos and photos of various sizes. These ads complement the publisher pages aesthetically and blend in contextually.

As users click on a graphical banner, they should be redirected to a page where they can find more information about the product/service, as well as the action they would like the users to take (i.e. fill out a form, purchase a product, etc). Graphical banners allow you present noticeably appealing ads, resulting in a higher viewer retention rate than radio or television ads.

Rich Media Banners

from $0.50

Rich media banners offer a great deal of flexibility and creative latitude in banner design. Rich media is usually designed in Flash because of its powerful capabilities; it can combine quality graphics with sound and incredible animation, allowing the advertiser to catch the attention of its users. Click or mouse-over actions creates more functionality and ensures a high click-through ratio. Java, JavaScript, DHTML, Flash, and moving GIF files can all be used with rich media banners.

Advertisers can also dynamically insert a pre-roll video ad to any video without any Flash programming. Upon placing the ad code on a publisher site containing videos, the code will automatically detect the videos and place ads within the videos.



from $0.003

Pop-unders is a form of online advertising on the Internet which emerged from the concept of pop-ups. This form of advertising is deemed acceptable and least intrusive, as it will not immediately interrupt the user, nor will it take the user’s attention away from the publisher’s site. It gives advertisers a good opportunity to brand their products and provide users with sufficient product information.

When a user visits a website with a pop-under advertisement, the pop-under will open in a new browser window hidden below the user’s current browser, usually unnoticed. When the user is finished with the publisher’s site and closes their current browser, they will then be presented with the pop-under advertisement, creating a less disruptive approach to online advertising.

Interstitial Ads


from $0.005

An interstitial ad (inter-ad) is an advertising page that is inserted in the normal flow of editorial content structure on a website for the purpose of advertising or promotion. Interstitial messages,  like TV commercials, make viewers a captive of the message.

If you have a dedicated audience that won’t let a bit of obnoxiousness stand in their way of enjoying a site, interstitial ads can be exploited as one of the most highest-paying creatives.